Updated: London Terror Attack

There are now four persons declared dead including the Police Officer, an attacker and two others. At least 20 are injured, some severely.

At the time of this writing, at least  two are dead and perhaps a dozen others are injured, some seriously in a terror attack outside Big Ben in London. Witnesses report a car on Westminster bridge ran though a crowd, then stopped with the driver rushing out of the car towards Parliament carry two long knives. The suspect killed a London Police Office before he was shot. He perished with three bullet wounds. London Police are calling the event a terror attack as their investigation continues. At this time there is no identification of the attacker. There is also, as yet, no indication of terrorist affiliation by the attacker. Police are also investigating to determine if there was more than one attacker involved.

Three French Students are said to be among those injured in the event. A woman was declared dead on the bridge. Parliament was in session at the time, approximately 2.40 PM London time. MPs were told the session was suspended and were told to remain in place. Members were later moved to Westminster Abbey for safety. The Prime Minister Theresa May was rushed out of the Palace of Westminster and returned to the PM’s residence at Number 10 Downing Street.

The area of the attack is difficult to control in times of emergency. It is the nexus of thousands of tourists on a daily basis. Scores of the familiar red double decker buses move through the surrounding streets making movement of emergency vehicles difficult Reports on CBS said that police brought in a least one helicopter to aid in removal of those injured. .

London has been the scene of scores of attacks of terrorist character over the past more than 100 years. In 1894 for example a French anarchist dies in a bomb explosion. In the years of the Second World War and following the Irish Republican Army conducted terror attacks. At least 13 bomb attacks are recorded during 1939 alone. The Irish troubles on the mid 1970s escalated terror attacks in London and surroundings. Some of these attacks were known to be due to actions of Palestinians.

In recent years Islamist suicide bombers have been involved in bombings in the London region. A review of the extensive lists of identified attacks or attempted attacks reveal a number that are far to many to discuss in this blog. But UK authorities and especially London Police say they are ready and prepared for as many as 10 simultaneous Daesh attacks at the present time.  Troops associated with the Special Air Service (SAS) are on standby just outside London ready at a moments notice to assist the London Metropolitan Police to forestall such attacks.

In the past few months there have been far to many devastating terror events. I have been reluctant to write about these events. I am fully aware that my words do little to resolve the issues involved. I choose to write again at this juncture in the small hope that my readers will help to put pressure on our governments to increase the efforts against terrorists around the world.

My fictional piece The Chechen’s Revenge continues to be available at Amazon and KIndle as well as other sources. By way of reminder, it’s a story of an attempted terror attack in Toronto, a plan to explode devices targeting the Go Train System. The planned attack is foiled by Chief Investigator Sean-Guy O’Dwyer-Lariviere and his team, but not before nearly a dozen are killed in one explosion I continue to work on A Prairie Vendetta, a story of home grown terrorism in the midst of Saskatchewan’s heartland. It’s slow progress, but I do hope to complete the story before very much more time passes.

Good Reading Friends. Thanks for your support.

Ron Stotyn, PhD SmallFront-Cover


I am a retired college professor and former broadcast journalist. I live in Vermont with my wife. I write near the shores of Lake Champlain. As an author I cast characters in the task of anti-terrorism efforts. The setting for my stories is Canada. My first novel is The Chechen's Revenge, a story of Sean-Guy O'Dwyer-Lariviere and his team of Canadian Anti-terrorism Service agents on the trail of a rebel Chechen, determined to create havoc and death on Toronto's Go Train system. The Chechen's Revenge is now in print and can be ordered online at https://mkt.com/northof49publishing.

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