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The Chechen’s Revenge Distribution

Effective 08/19 and 08/20/2013 Smashwords has shipped The Chechen’s Revenge to the following e-book vendors. My novel, The Chechen’s Revenge, is now available on publication day 09/15/2013 through the following: Barnes and Noble, Kobo, and Apple. In addition the vendor

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North of 49 background

There is a back-story to the blog title that I chose. I first used that title for a series of radio commentaries when I was a graduate student at Wheaton College in Wheaton Illinois. The college radio station WETN graciously

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The Preface of The Chechen’s Revenge

Now that you’ve read my post about the publication date and the discount coupon, here’s the Preface of The Chechen’s Revenge. It’s part of the back-story to tease your interest. Watch for a couple more chapters in coming days. Ron

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Publishing Date Set

I have submitted The Chechen’s Revenge to my publisher, and have set a publication date of 09/15/2013. That’s the good news. Smashwords will make this e-book available to most of the major and minor e-book distributors in the e-book

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Info about the background picture.

This shot of the expanse of Southern Alberta was taken a year or so ago. It’s a westbound picture on the Crowsnest Highway, (Highway 3) that runs from the eastern border of Saskatchewan and through the Crowsnest Pass into British

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The Chechen’s Revenge

Available very soon wherever you buy your e-Books.

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My New Novel: The Chechen’s Revenge

The Chechen’s Revenge The Chechen’s Revenge is a terrorist threat days from creating havoc in the Go Train transportation system in the greater Toronto region of Ontario. Chechen rebel Marek Kafirov’s plan, to chastise Canada’s failure to censure Russia during

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