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Inside the Mind of a Terrorist

When I began to write The Chechen’s Revenge, I needed to figure out what went on in the mind of a terrorist. Questions arose such as: Why do they make the decision to become a terrorist? How do they become

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Birth and Death

Hello Friends: Yup, I know its been nine days since the last time I wrote anything here. Have to confess I’ve been a bit distracted. My first grandchild, Cadence Mae Stotyn was born at 12:13 AM on October 17th. That

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Pere Rene: Warrior Priest

Pere (Father) Rene Girau, is portrayed in The Chechen’s Revenge, as a retired Major, a Chaplain in the PPCLI (Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry) with a PhD in Psychology. More than that he self-describes as a warrior priest, because of

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Romance and Coupon Deadline Approaching

Hell friends: Just a short note off the top of this post to remind you the discount coupon at for the purchase of The Chechen’s Revenge has only a few more days to go. It expires on October 15,

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