Remembrance Day, Canada 2014

This is a side view of Canada’s National War Memorial depicting soldiers moving forward, always forward, emerging through the arch from war to peace. Today, November 11, is Remembrance Day in Canada. The official national commemoration held in Ottawa at the War Memorial this year marks the 100th year since the beginning of the First World War.

There are 23 bronze figures, representing the eleven branches of the Canadian forces engaged in the First World War, as viewed from the front. Engraved on the tower itself are the dates of the conflicts attended by soldiers of the Canadian Forces. There have been too many such conflicts and far too many lives lost. But we remember all these, for their sacrifice, for their duty accepted, for their integrity and for the honor they deserve.

This year remembering Canada’s heroes will be more difficult because of the murder of Cpl. Nathan Cerillo, Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, seen here on guard duty at the War Memorial. Cpl. Cirillo is on the left. A few days earlier Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent, Royal Canadian Air Force firefighter, was also murdered near St. Jean sur Richelieu. Both were killed by known Islamist radicals of a home grown nature.

poppy-flowers-320x120We do and will always remember those who have served, who died and who live. The poppies in this photo are our constant reminder of what we owe to all. Today Canadians proudly wear a poppy to signal their commitment to the idea “Lest We Forget.” When the crowds of people leave today’s ceremonies at the War Memorial, many will make a saluting gesture by removing their poppy and laying it gently atop the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at the foot the the War Memorial. When all have left the tomb will be covered with poppies.

Today I am an especially proud Canadian. I wear my poppy with considerable humility as I remember Canada’s fallen heroes and all who have served including several uncles from both sides of my family.

ca-flagRon Stotyn, PhD, author of The Chechen’s Revenge

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I am a retired college professor and former broadcast journalist. I live in Vermont with my wife. I write near the shores of Lake Champlain. As an author I cast characters in the task of anti-terrorism efforts. The setting for my stories is Canada. My first novel is The Chechen's Revenge, a story of Sean-Guy O'Dwyer-Lariviere and his team of Canadian Anti-terrorism Service agents on the trail of a rebel Chechen, determined to create havoc and death on Toronto's Go Train system. The Chechen's Revenge is now in print and can be ordered online at

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