2014: Slow Start and a Sale Price Offer

Well, here it is already into February and nothing posted for 2014. Thanks for your patience.

At this writing we are just days away from the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. The news beyond the sports aspects of the event have been to say the least a bit unsettling. Athletes from around the world have been advised NOT to wear their uniforms outside the official venues for fear they might become targets of terrorists. Families of athletes are, some at least, deciding not to come to the games, as a means of avoiding victimization. Russian authorities have been hunting for possible terrorists, including a likely Black Widow from Chechnya. The United States has offered assistance with security. Chechen Terrorist groups, at least one, have declared they will do whatever they can to disrupt the games. The threat level and the increased security costs will make these games the most expensive on record.

It is a sad commentary on the state of our world today. One can ask why and I suppose there are many different answers possible. In the case of Russia and Chechnya, the reality is a very heightened hate level by Chechens toward Russia. It goes back many years, decades really, and especially to the First and Second Chechen wars. Russia entered Chechnya when that country was trying to establish its independence. There are many stories of horrible acts on Chechen people perpetrated by Russian troops. That’s been pretty well established. Some traumatized Chechens, influenced by the Wahhabist form of Islam turned to terrorism as a means of achieving revenge. Suicide Terrorism became an accepted means of taking that revenge for some Chechen radicals.

This situation formed the background for my novel: The Chechen’s Revenge. The antagonist of the story, Marek Kafirov, a suicide bomber of Chechen heritage, informed by childhood experiences that included witnessing the murder of his parents by drunken Russian soldiers, comes to Canada to institute a retribution plan. His goal is to teach Canada a lesson for its decision, or failure in Marek’s eyes, not to chastise Russia for its actions in Chechnya. The method of his retribution involves a plan to blow up various segments of the Toronto area Go Train system. He imagines the death of thousands of riders of the commuter rail system.  But he faces a dedicated team of anti-terrorism investigators of the Canadian Anti-Terrorism Service. The team leader is Sean-Guy O’Dwyer-Lariviere, a former military intelligence officer and former Sergeant of the Surete de Quebec.

The Chechen’s Revenge is my first novel. I’m pleased that some of you have chosen to trust my ability to spin a tail of intrigue and investigation by purchasing a copy. I’m currently working on a second novel that will continue the story of Sean-Guy and his team in a continuing series. I’ve got four chapters underway in draft form involving a home-grown terrorist group in the prairies of Canada. The working title is A Prairie Vendetta. History of the region, especially Saskatchewan, forms part of the back-story. It involves the story of Louis Riel, a martyr of the Metis people. The antagonist is a gang member of a fictional but nefarious Montreal biker club, with which Sean-Guy has had dealings when he was a detective-sergeant of the Surete de Quebec. As I continue this writing project I’ll try to give you bits and pieces of the story as I go along, but I’ll try hard to avoid any spoiler information.

As a matter of interest from my personal life, I’m please to let you know that I have been invited to participate in a Writer’s Social on Feb. 8. It’s to be a meeting of writer’s and an opportunity to share our work. I consider it quite an honor and I look forward to the sharing of ideas, discussing the various stresses of the writing process and the thrill of the success of completing a project. I’ll keep you posted about those outcomes.

As a means of celebrating this particular experience, I have decided to put The Chechen’s Revenge on sale for a brief period of time. From now until March 1, 2014, you can get a 25% discount on orders from, and only from, smashwords.com. The discount code is EV94R (not case sensitive). That’s 25% off the list price of $4.99. Please take advantage and let me know how you like the book after you read it.

Thanks for your support. Good Reading everyone.


I am a retired college professor and former broadcast journalist. I live in Vermont with my wife. I write near the shores of Lake Champlain. As an author I cast characters in the task of anti-terrorism efforts. The setting for my stories is Canada. My first novel is The Chechen's Revenge, a story of Sean-Guy O'Dwyer-Lariviere and his team of Canadian Anti-terrorism Service agents on the trail of a rebel Chechen, determined to create havoc and death on Toronto's Go Train system. The Chechen's Revenge is now in print and can be ordered online at https://mkt.com/northof49publishing.

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