Milestone: Publication of The Chechen’s Revenge

Today, 09/15/2013, is something of a milestone. After nearly half a life of writing as part of my job (I’ve been a journalist and an academic), the publication today of The Chechen’s Revenge is truly a feat that boggles my mind. For many years I have thought I had a book in me, but never seemed to find the motivation to start writing it. Three years ago after being retired for awhile, I decided I just had to try. I have to say I’m pleased with the result and also that I’m a bit surprised at how it came together.

I do sincerely hope that those of you who have told me you plan to purchase a copy of this e-book will find it worthy. For those of you still contemplating a purchase I really do hope you will do so. It will be an honor for me to join your list of authors whom you favor. For all who read The Chechen’s Revenge, please tell your friends if you like it. Please tell me also if you like it and if you do not like it ( I’ll appreciate the criticism and work harder to make the next one better.

Publication today means you can purchase my novel in the e-book format that you like best. The book is available from Barnes and Nobel, Kobo, Apple I-Books, Amazon and some other major e-book vendors. It’s also available direct from in the format you desire. The coupon is good until 10/15/2013.


Thank you for trusting that my writing will be what you hope for. Please enjoy. Ron StotynImage

I am a retired college professor and former broadcast journalist. I live in Vermont with my wife. I write near the shores of Lake Champlain. As an author I cast characters in the task of anti-terrorism efforts. The setting for my stories is Canada. My first novel is The Chechen's Revenge, a story of Sean-Guy O'Dwyer-Lariviere and his team of Canadian Anti-terrorism Service agents on the trail of a rebel Chechen, determined to create havoc and death on Toronto's Go Train system. The Chechen's Revenge is now in print and can be ordered online at

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